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Logistics & Distribution

Logistics & Distribution

Exceptional Transportation Technology Solutions

The logistics industry plays a major role in the global economy. At present, the industry involves much more than movement of freights and goods, they include managing costs, security issues, fuel tracking, environmental compliance are few of the issues for which we can provide Transportation Management Solutions.

Our experts understand various complexities in the field, hence developed amazing logistics management system that eases the work pressure. The mind-blowing logistics it solutions help in providing better services for customers, thus help in improving the customer database.

With the rise in globalization, the chances for logistic company to have immense growth are high. To handle the huge development, the companies need to be well equipped, for which a good Logistics IT Solutions Company would be of great help. These service providers, like WebzLabz Pvt. Ltd, have integrated technology with daily activities like shipment management, inventory management, barcoding, analytics and many more. The Transportation Technology Solutions offered by us help in improving operational excellence and realizing growth.

Key Services Offered By Us

Our clients trust us to provide them with effective and efficient Logistics Technology Solutions. Few customised services offered by us are:

  • Fleet and driver management: This app is mainly designed to help managers to keep track and manage drivers, along with vehicles. It would also help in vehicle maintenance as well.
  • Real-time planning of vehicles: Vehicle tracking system helps owners to get a comprehensive picture of the vehicles and plan the transfer of other consignments accordingly.
  • Transportation management: Tools and applications for better management of transportation and to get a rough estimate about freight, shipping, and logistics price.
  • Cargo management systems: The module of the app provides the managers with complete control on the cargo and the vehicles used for transportation.
  • Consignment tracking modules: This module helps in providing mobile scanning facility along with desktop applications. It also facilitates customers also to track their consignment.
  • Warehousing and distribution: Advanced technologies for better management of warehouse and distribution services.
  • GPS vehicle tracking apps: This facility of the app helps companies to keep track of your vehicles, with the help of smartphones. This helps in better fleet management.

Our experts keep themselves updated with latest technologies, the proof can be felt with the use of state-of-art features in the apps developed by the team. Use of big data, cloud computing, analytics, mobility solutions, IoT, artificial intelligence are a few technologies that we would like to work with.

If you find anything that, you have read or interested to have such an app for your business, then get in touch with our team now.