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Pricing Models

Pricing Models

Pricing Model by WebzLabz to Suit Individual Client Needs!

At WebzLabz, we are ought to offer supple pricing models that will work best for the clients and the value of money we offer is simply astonishing. In order to close any sort of service provider, pricing of the right kind plays a vital role and that is why, we offer transparent, affordable, realistic pricing strategies that will work best for both the clients and the service providers.

Custom Made Pricing Models by WebzLabz to Be Taken Into Account

One of the prime focuses of WebzLabz is the betterment of clients on all counts and we try to make sure that all the interest of client is served. Value of money is what we are tend to offer when they seek our services.

It is due to such reasons that our pricing model solutions are designed taking mutual interests into account.

Our Pricing Models

Tentative Pricing

If the scope and the requirements are not pre defined, then our tentative pricing model can be of utmost use. As the requirement can keep changing during the development process, this model can be ideal. Here, clients can take control of the progress, costing and other aspects and then go ahead with the process. No overpricing!

Transparency and flexibility is what this pricing model can offer. As per the requirements of the clients, the pricing can be adjusted during the development process.

Pre Agreed Fixed Price

In this model, our experts will try to maximize the benefits by laying out a detailed project plan and creating a perfect blueprint to follow. It can be a boon for small & medium sized ventures. As the service provider has to stick to deadlines in any case, any risks involved in the project must be endured by them only. The clients can get an idea about the budget involved and thus can plan for the same in advance.

Risk Reward Pricing

For our global clients who wish to maximize their value of money without much hindrance can go with such pricing model services. Here, both the clients and service providers will face the risks involved and reap the fruits in the same manner as well. A flat rate pricing model where extra payments are involved if a desired outcome is achieved. Everyone involved can gauge the progress and the outcome of any project. It serves more as a joint venture and the client and company can go a long way with such collaboration.

Hire WebzLabz for such pricing of the right kind and all you have to do in the end is to get in touch with the experts.