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Skilled Property Management Software Solutions Company

WebzLabz Pvt. Ltd. is a house of talented and dedicated developers, who are always in lookout for ideas to ease the burden in various fields. Our property management software solutions are one move in that direction. It helps the professionals to complete the task in ease and manage property information 24/7, even while on move. The automation of tasks with the help of software helps in reducing headaches and worry.

Our Enterprise Solutions for Real Estate could help property agents, managers to connect with customers with ease, as well as effectively manage the leads. Real estate portals (loaded with information and customer lists, agent login, lead management systems along with mobile applications are few of the features that help us stand out among our competitors. The mobile tool also helps customers to search for the property, have a virtual tour and discuss other issues related to the property with a bot or an agent. Thus, help to provide better Managed IT Services for Real Estate.

The Customised Real Estate Software developed by the team of experts would help in resolving all the bottlenecks of the business and move further to gain success. The unique solutions are developed keeping in the mind, the requirements of our clients, who have shown immense trust on us.

Latest Technologies Usage in Customised Real Estate Software

We believe that people love to use the latest technologies and so wish to provide you with an application that has features that help in efficient Facility & Asset Management. Few technologies used for making our amazing apps include:

  • AR & VR: The use of augmented reality and virtual reality in real estate allows potential users (both buyers and tenants) to have a virtual tour and enhance their experience. The experience that most customers experience is unique and helps in building up a better customer base. In a few apps, we offer a virtual walkthrough of the property as well, giving the viewer a 360-degree view too.
  • Analytics: the app providers the estate developers with analytics that help them important information, to aid them to decide the merits of an investment opportunity.
  • Cloud: The use of cloud technology helps agents to keep track of clients. Notes and files like contracts and disclosures.

Mind-Blowing Solutions for Real Estate

Our designers make sure that the Real Estate Software Implementation takes place with ease. The few most sought after solutions are:

  • Mortgage and repair calculator: Our app is capable of quickly calculating the cost of repairs as per the set benchmarks, for a mortgage as well.
  • Listing services: Collaboration between agents and customers, with options of uploading documents, providing security for all the data are few features that clients love to enjoy.
  • Location-based app: The application-based apps help in facilitating buying, selling and renting of properties, along with finding agent details for contact.
  • Property management: The app is to help property managers and owners to oversee and easily track assets. It also helps in real-time updating of the website.