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Customised Travel and Hospitality Industry Solutions

WebzLabz Pvt. Ltd. has unmatched domain expertise that helps in the use of mobile technology and other software applications to provide effective and efficient Travel and Hospitality Industry Solutions. Thus, help in bridging the gap between hospitality industry and customers. We, one of the best hospitality solutions company, cater to the IT needs of resorts, hotels, tourism, and transportation organization, with an aim to help our clients expand their business worldwide.

Our expert team provides tailor-made hotel and travel solutions, to ease the working of professionals in the field, so they have integrated various processes like supply chain, finance, procurement management and human resources management systems with customer database and CRM tools. This not only helps the individuals in the hospital industry but also their customer as well, which helps in building long-lasting relationships. It also helps in building the brand in social media as well.

Our Smart Hotel Solutions

Our specialist has conducted enough research and designed some hospitality it solutions for our esteemed customers, that can be modified to fit any one’s need. Few of the striking smart hotel solutions that are grabbing everyone interest include:

  • Online booking solutions: The applications developed by our expert team helps in handling a variety of challenged faces by the industry. The online booking facility helps in handling multiple transactions, with ease, the locations of customer are of no significance. This facility can be used for booking of rooms, services, transport etc. The attractive feature is that it supports all modern modes of payment.
  • Hospitality operations management: The application allows its users to handle all tasks associated with the industry efficiently. It also allows consistency and quality output, which have impressive end results. Few of the most loved features include:
    • Multiple points of sale
    • Ability to handle multiple services
    • User-friendly CMS
    • Easy documentation
    • Auto cancellation
    • Auto updation
    • Integrated Google maps
  • Taxi-hailing apps: In the present world, people love to use apps for booking their mode of transport. The demand for such apps is increasing rapidly as people prefer them and taxi providers wish to include this feature into the app.
  • Navigation apps: these apps play a great role in the travel and hospitality industry as people wish to rely on technology than on local guides. It helps them to explore new places with ease, and also try out the fastest route, or give information about nearest restaurants, banks, schools, offices, hospital etc.

Technologies Used By Our Expert Team

Our dedicated team of professionals always keep themselves updated with the latest technologies; the proof can be seen in the use of these features in the Hospitality Solutions developed by them. Some of the most widely talked about features include:

  • Internet of Things: This feature is most useful in the hotel industry, to connect various gadgets with a remote. Some premium brands also prefer implementing motion sensors units in their facilities.
  • Augmented virtual reality: This feature helps travellers to have a virtual tour of the facility from a remote location. This helps at the time of booking.
  • Artificial intelligence: Use of chatbots for customer service helps in reducing the overhead expenses.

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